Two Weeks of Groceries for $30

Some of you may have noticed I took small hiatus from blogging. Over the past couple months, I have undergone some intense life changes. It took a lot of energy to do anything so I put all that energy into finishing the remaining weeks of winter quarter. I made it through with higher grades than I anticipated and now I am ready to take on my last undergraduate quarter at UCSC! Since I now live alone, I am driven to keep better track of how I spend money.



December Update

Hello everyone! I deeply apologize for not posting much in the past couple weeks. I recently declared my second major and planned out my remaining time at UCSC. It is also finals week this week so needless to say, I have been preoccupied with that. I also put a lot of my funds from the past two months into Christmas and birthday gifts. I have many family and friends who have birthdays around Christmas or in January.



Hello! As mentioned in the “About” section of this blog, I’m Sophia Redfern. I’m about to start my third year at University of California Santa Cruz (go slugs!) and am double majoring in History of Art & Visual Culture and Literature. I am 20 years old and live in lovely Santa Cruz with my wonderful boyfriend, Carlos, and our fantastic roommate, Jared. I have been vegan for 3 years and counting. I do not consume any sort of animal product, wear animal products, or use products that have been tested on animals or contain animal ingredients.