Santa Cruz

Two Weeks of Groceries for $30

Some of you may have noticed I took small hiatus from blogging. Over the past couple months, I have undergone some intense life changes. It took a lot of energy to do anything so I put all that energy into finishing the remaining weeks of winter quarter. I made it through with higher grades than I anticipated and now I am ready to take on my last undergraduate quarter at UCSC! Since I now live alone, I am driven to keep better track of how I spend money.




This summer in Santa Cruz has had some truly hot days. It got into triple digits recently and was terrible. I have fair, sensitive skin, and usually still get sunburned (while wearing sunscreen) on my first full day of exposure. Sunscreen is a must because even spending a small amount of time in the sun can expose you to sun damage. I have tried to be a lot more skin conscious this summer!


Spiced Tofu Scramble

Since I recently moved, I have not had a lot of time to cook or go grocery shopping. I woke up the other morning really wanting a tofu scramble, but soon realized that I was out of olive oil and Earth Balance. That prompted me to look around the kitchen for what little alternatives were available. I settled on sesame oil and went from there.


February check in

Hi everyone! I recorded two videos yesterday to put up this week but long story short, I am not sure when I will be posting them… that being said, I still want to make a post since it has been awhile. Stats is really kicking my butt, on top of the reading I have to do for my other two classes.


December Update

Hello everyone! I deeply apologize for not posting much in the past couple weeks. I recently declared my second major and planned out my remaining time at UCSC. It is also finals week this week so needless to say, I have been preoccupied with that. I also put a lot of my funds from the past two months into Christmas and birthday gifts. I have many family and friends who have birthdays around Christmas or in January.


Food Shopping: Safeway & Trader Joe’s

One of my main goals for this blog is to write a series of posts about comparative food prices. Here are some facts that influence my shopping. I try to spend no more than $30 a week on groceries. I live with my boyfriend so that means we split the cost of food shopping. So, combined, we try not to spend more than $60 a week on groceries. That can get you a lot of food for two people! I am located in Santa Cruz, California and have a number of options when it comes to food shopping, including a farmers’ market on Wednesdays.