Lip balm

My lips dry very easily, so I always have a tinted and a non tinted lip balm in my schoolbag or purse. The tinted comes in handy if I want a subtle pop of color while out and about. I tend to misplace a lot of my lip balms, but you can never have too many! I wanted to share my current lip balm collection and do a price comparison.



Petit Vour beauty box video

I did it! I got through my first video with little to no mess-ups. I am actually very excited to keep making videos and get less nervous as the time comes. I apologize in advance to the companies if/when I mispronounced their brand names or products. I said “L.A. Fresh” instead “La Fresh” because my poor eyesight made me believe that there were dots between the “L” and “A.” I also butchered RawSkinCeuticals. I tend to stammer a lot when I am nervous. There are a couple other things I want to mention besides my mistakes in pronouncing names.


Impulse Cosmetics Review

I am so excited to say that I think I finally found the perfect affordable lipstick. I stumbled upon Impulse Cosmetics by looking through the comments of an Instagram photo. Another review of the brand also popped up my Tumblr dashboard hours later so it definitely seemed like I had to check it out. I ordered the “Best Sellers no. 1” palette because I needed some good dark colors for the fall. All the shades are vegan and cruelty free but the entire site is not 100% vegan, so be sure to check out ingredients if you want more than just cruelty free.


Petit Vour Beauty Box

As someone with combination skin that changes with the seasons, I’m always looking for new beauty products. The products I use in the morning are different than what I use at night and very different than what I use in the summer vs. the winter. I also need to “change it up” every so often or else my skin gets too dry or stays oily. Like I said, combination skin.