How to be cost-effective

Hi guys! I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and spent a lot of my time prepping by staying on top of my reading and doing some extra. I apologize for the lack of posts. Needless to say, having a small surgery (my first ever too) has taken a lot out of me. I tried doing my usual weekend thang of organizing and cleaning but had to quickly shuffle back to my bedroom due to sudden cold sweats and nausea.



Favorite Sites

When I first went vegan three years ago, the first thing I did was take to Facebook and ask if anyone had good websites to check out for recipes. My old nanny, who has been vegan for at least seven years, immediately linked me to Post Punk Kitchen. Isa Chandra Moskowitz is hands down one of my favorite food bloggers and author. I have not tried making her dishes with a budget in mind but I’m sure some recipes can be made with low budget ingredients.


Initial Searches

I did some research before I created this blog. I wanted to see what happened when I searched “vegan college student” on Google. Over a million results popped up. The top search was from under their “college” section. It discusses a few things like steps on becoming vegan and cooking (something I feel is number one priority for students).