It is ok to shop cheap

I want to begin by saying I realize that everyone has a different lifestyle and I respect that. Not everyone can afford to buy fresh ingredients everyday/every week or handmade local clothing. This is important to bring up because there are some people who are trying to live a vegan lifestyle, but are criticized when they buy food/products from companies that are low on the vegan friendly list. Some of these companies may offer vegan options but the money is still going to a corporation that does not have animal or human welfare on their mind.



Student discounts

Hi everyone! I have been super busy. My quarter is wrapping up and I spent the past weekend in Yosemite. Today I am going to try to re-film the videos that did not end up as I hoped. In the meantime, I want to write a quick post about student discounts.


Getting organized

It is already approaching mid February and I still have not been able to find an everyday planner to my liking. Not to mention a lot of the planners I do fall in love with (I am very particular about format) are either sold out or a little too expensive for a last minute purchase. It is somewhat ironic to have to plan to buy a planner. One planner I really liked is from An Organised Life, an Australian company that sells beautifully simplistic books for all sorts of organizing. But it launched in October. Planners are needed to be thought about before the last month of the new year…


The beginning of a quarter

Hello! I just recently started my second quarter of the year and I have hit the ground running. All my classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, making them 8 hour days. I only have 15 minutes in between each class to get to the next one so that makes it an extra long day. I am taking two upper division courses and one lower division course but it is stats… which is really hard! The past two weeks have been full of homework and adjusting to the amount of reading.