Two Weeks of Groceries for $30

Some of you may have noticed I took small hiatus from blogging. Over the past couple months, I have undergone some intense life changes. It took a lot of energy to do anything so I put all that energy into finishing the remaining weeks of winter quarter. I made it through with higher grades than I anticipated and now I am ready to take on my last undergraduate quarter at UCSC! Since I now live alone, I am driven to keep better track of how I spend money.

I still have a lot going on in my life that will make setting free time aside challenging but I am determined. I am moving in June and have started to see how I can best save my money. One of the things I am doing is attempting to only spend $30 every two weeks on groceries. I do get half of my meals at work and sometimes buy meals on campus, so I will be updating my grocery spending once I move. This is also somewhat of a “beta test” on food spending that I hope to refine once I get the hang of it.

Excluding a bottle of whiskey, I spent just under $30. I bought a couple sauces to make baked tofu with but everything else was fresh veggies, breads, and canned beans. I plan on making a lot of bowls because they are quick, easy and tend to have all the nutrients I need. I eat a lot of fruit at work but I would suggest adding fruit to your grocery list if you can! I already have pasta, lentils, and quinoa in my pantry but those will be making up the base of the bowls.

I will be taking photos over the next two weeks and keeping track of the meals I make at home. Once these two weeks are up, I will write a post on how this challenge went. Some things to keep in mind: if there are missing meals on my list, I probably ate somewhere out of the house. I spend a lot of time walking but otherwise I am not super active. The meals I am creating are meant to inspire and not be directly copied because your lifestyle might be completely different than mine.

I would love to hear if anyone has done similar challenges and how it went for you. I am always open to inexpensive ingredient and meal suggestions too! I plan on making this challenge into a habit and would also like to hear if others have done the same.


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