Grocery Outlet Haul

Hey everyone! A little update to go with today’s post about Grocery Outlet: recently, I have been so busy between work and school that I have not been able to do much shopping for food or other goods. I have been eating most of my meals at work or going out to eat. Life is super hectic but also fantastic.

My current apartment is directly across the street from Grocery Outlet. I have no clue why I have not gone there before now, but it has fantastic vegan options. I only had a few minutes to look around but they have everything from veggies to snacks to beauty products. I only picked out food products but I plan to go back a lot more often to check out what other things they have. I am told that they do not have consistent product flow, meaning that one day you might strike gold but then will not be able to find a particular item during another visit.


I spent $15.51 for 9 times and saved $15.10. The items I was most excited about were the Califia mini vanilla/chocolate almond milk drinks. They are usually a little over $3 each when I buy them but they were 2 for $1 at Grocery Outlet. Needless to say, I am beyond chuffed. I will be sad if they disappear for awhile.

The most I spent on a single product was $3.49, and only for two items. Everything else was under $2.50. Lots of speciality items I would not usually go for became available to me because of this store.

I would love to hear if anyone else has access to a Grocery Outlet and if you have been able to find awesome products. I would also love to hear if anyone has other sale/outlet suggestions.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that there is currently a boycott on Driscoll’s due to alleged labor abuse. I am now avoiding this brand and you should too! Googling “boycott Driscoll’s” will provide any lengthy information on the subject but I am always striving to avoid supporting companies with malpractices.


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