Colourpop Cosmetics

Hi everyone! This summer has been super hectic for me. I learned how to balance a full-time job with summer classes and the classes ended up taking up almost all my time when I was not working. My last day was Wednesday, so I finally have some free time (and energy) to blog!

I recently placed my first order from Colourpop Cosmetics and am so excited to try the items I received. I ordered Strobing I, Mr. Blonde Ultra Matte, and Lumière Lippie Stix & Pencil. The ultra mattes are $6 and the lippie stix/pencils are $5. The strobing collections are $39, limited edition, and contain three lippie stix/super shock cheek. Shipping is also free in the U.S. if your order is over $30.

1st CP order

I am very excited about this brand because of how affordable it is while retaining amazing quality. I like to call this “the golden duo.” It can be frustrating to give up quality in order to not burn your budget. The formulas for each individual item are so soft and everything smells great. However, they are pretty hard to get off if you do not use an oil based makeup remover, especially Mr. Blonde and (surprisingly) Marmalade.

CP swatches

The lip colors I received are (in order from top to bottom) Marmalade (créme), Fame (sheer créme), Thistle (créme), Lumière (matte), and Mr. Blonde (ultra matte). The cheek colors I received are (in order from top to bottom) Fanny Pack (pearlized), Non-Fiction (pearlized), and Parasol (pearlized).

I have only worn Lumière lippie and pencil but the wear was fantastic. I am also in love with the color. I did not have to touch up once while I was at work all day, even though it is not a liquid-to-matte. The formula is not drying or sticky. So far, I absolutely adore Colourpop.

I would love to hear if anyone else ordered or has these colors, and what you think of the brand overall.



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