Kiss My Face 2-1 Moisturizing Spray

Nothing says “summer” like the smell of freshly applied sunscreen. I went to Walgreens a couple weeks back to buy what I thought was a spay sunscreen from Kiss My Face. As it turns out, I bought their spray moisturizer instead of their spay sunscreen. I figured I might as well try it out since I am always keen to try new moisturizers.

I have only used it a few times on my legs but I really like it so far! It rubs in nicely and does not leave a heavy, oily residue on your hands after being rubbed in. It also has a pleasant smell while not being overpowering. I bought it for around $11 at Walgreens and the current price on Kiss My Face’s website is $7.49. I do not know how much shipping is when ordering from the site, which is something to keep in mind. I have yet to see it for sale at other retailers in my area.

Kiss My Face moisturizer spray

Not everything from Kiss My Face is vegan but they label their products clearly, something that I am a huge fan of! I bought an Alba Botanica spray sunscreen from my local market, Staff of Life, for $12.79. The usual price is $15.99. I will write a review of it in the near future.

What is your favorite way to keep your skin moisturized in the summer? I would love to hear your thoughts on Kiss My Face products and am also open to other brand suggestions.


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