All about the tools

I know many of us struggle with the decisions of whether to buy cheap or expensive tools to go along with our makeup. Sometimes, buying an inexpensive tool ends up being more costly than investing in a quality tool. This post will discuss a tool that I bought recently that has changed my beauty routine for the better.

I recently bought a Beauty Blender from Sephora and have been absolutely blown away by the ease of use and flawless application. I normally use powder concealer and foundation but am out at the moment. I was somewhat nervous to use my liquid makeup because when I do, it usually leaves my face feeling really heavy and oily. I use a lot of e.l.f. products because they are really affordable, and that includes the Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer (porcelain) and Studio Flawless Finish Foundation (porcelain). I also have the Studio High Definition Powder (sheer) to help matte my liquid makeup.

Beauty Blender

I heard a lot of good things about Beauty Blender and wanted to see if that could help me like liquid makeup more. I have been transported to a new world. With the Beauty Blender, I get awesome coverage without feeling like there is a heavy layer of makeup on my face. It did a much better job than my brushes at getting into small areas like the corners of my eyes. I bought it for around $20 but the e.l.f. concealer, foundation, and powder are a total of $15. I have heard that less expensive knock-offs of the Beauty Blender are not worth it due to the fact that they deteriorate so quickly.

This is a tool that I would highly suggest investing in, as I am sure it will save you money in the long run. If you take care of the Beauty Blender, I think it is supposed to last a few months. Like makeup brushes, it definitely needs a good washing, preferably after each use.

Let me know if you guys have any other favorite tools, expensive or inexpensive, that I should try out! I would also love to hear what people think about Beauty Blender.


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