Contacting companies

I often find myself struggling with how to properly contact companies about their stance on being cruelty free and vegan. Firstly, there is a difference between being cruelty free and vegan, and secondly, there are tons of loopholes that allow companies to promote those labels without being one hundred percent honest.

As many of you may have noticed, I reference Logical Harmony a lot, but for good reason. From what I have come across, Tashina from Logical Harmony has one of the best breakdowns on the subject of cruelty free and vegan. She even has a great video to go along with her post that discusses the difference. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have begun emailing companies myself, but I always check Logical Harmony’s Cruelty Free & Vegan Brand List to make a final decision. Brands on there are updated weekly, which is great because sometimes brands do shift their stance on the subject of cruelty free and vegan.

It is really sad and disappointing to know that a lot of brands wear the titles “cruelty free” and/or “vegan” when they are not able to be transparent. With this in mind, I highly encourage you all to contact companies and keep contacting them if they do not answer you on the first try. I have experienced receiving great responses in emails in regards to buying items, yet there will be silence when I ask for full transparency on the company’s cruelty free/vegan stance. I have even witnessed other bloggers get multiple emails that give completely different responses.

Never be afraid to contact a company, especially if you find a company that is affordable! It is always great to find companies that promote being cruelty free and vegan while not charging a whole lot.


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