Lip balm

My lips dry very easily, so I always have a tinted and a non tinted lip balm in my schoolbag or purse. The tinted comes in handy if I want a subtle pop of color while out and about. I tend to misplace a lot of my lip balms, but you can never have too many! I wanted to share my current lip balm collection and do a price comparison.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a recent post with all the lip balms that I have in rotation. Petit Vour has helped fuel my lip balm craze by supplying me with Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter, French Girl Organics Mineral Lip Tint in “Cerise,” and MSC Skin Care + Home in “Lavender & Spearmint.” I bought my Hurraw! lip balms at American Apparel. Prices vary on brand and where you buy them.

Lip Balm

Ellovi sells four different types of lip balms online for $5 each. Petit Vour also sells Ellovi lip balm bundles but do not offer the mint chocolate type. Ellovi is great to apply without a mirror, as you do not have to worry about uneven color application.

French Girl Organics sells their lip balms for $12 and offer bundles. Petit Vour carries their tinted lip balms for $11. Definitely carry a mirror when applying French Girl Organics because of how pigmented the balms are.

MSC sells their lip balm for $7 each. I absolutely love the formula and scent. The lavender smells amazing while the spearmint leaves my lips feeling tingly and fresh.

American Apparel sells Hurraw! for $3.80 online and does not have a price difference depending on lip balm type (tinted, SPF, etc.). Hurraw!’s website has different prices for each type of lip balm, ranging from $3.79 to $4.29. These lip balms are a bit oilyer than the other brands but are great for what they are worth. It is also great to have a wide variety to choose from.

My current favorite is MSC and French Girl Organics. My Ellovi tinted lip balm must have gotten too hot or cold because it now has a weird bumpy texture. It still works fine but I am usually going for a deeper tint on a daily basis, which French Girl Organics provides. Hurraw! is most affordable and also very easy to access if there is an American Apparel nearby.

It would be wonderful to hear if any of you have tried these brands and what you think of them. I always love to hear other brand suggestions too!



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