Month: April 2015

Contacting companies

I often find myself struggling with how to properly contact companies about their stance on being cruelty free and vegan. Firstly, there is a difference between being cruelty free and vegan, and secondly, there are tons of loopholes that allow companies to promote those labels without being one hundred percent honest.



Lip balm

My lips dry very easily, so I always have a tinted and a non tinted lip balm in my schoolbag or purse. The tinted comes in handy if I want a subtle pop of color while out and about. I tend to misplace a lot of my lip balms, but you can never have too many! I wanted to share my current lip balm collection and do a price comparison.


Spaghetti with steamed greens

Hey everyone! I have been busy the past couple weeks with the start of my new quarter. I have not been able to search around for product comparisons but here is a quick, simple, and affordable recipe. This must have taken me less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook! All prices listed are from my local Trader Joe’s and total amount for ingredients was around $15. This recipe should make multiple portions and is easy to edit depending on taste. I have started to make meals in large amounts so I have less time to spend in the kitchen during the week.