Method Laundry Detergent

One of the main things I am always concerned about is laundry. I have never had such a need for loose change like I do now. Most college students do not get the luxury of having their own washer and dryer. I am lucky enough to share a single washer and dryer within my four unit apartment complex.

Laundry definitely starts to add up. I am currently using detergent, stain remover, and dryer scent bags. Sometimes dryer sheets are necessary too. The small washer in my building is $1.25 for about 30 minutes and the dryer is $1.00 for at least an hour and a half. The dryer can hold about two loads while the washer holds one, so I usually wait to start the dryer when I have two clean loads. That extra dollar goes a long way!

One of my favorite household cleaning brands is Method because it is 100% vegan. Sadly, I have noticed that cruelty free and vegan laundry supplies tend to be twice as expensive as non cruelty free/vegan brands. This is where I start paying attention to where I buy my laundry detergent. I recently learned the hard way that my local Walgreens sells Method at a higher price than my local Target. A 25 load bottle at Walgreens is $10.49 while a 50 load bottle from Target is $12.99. Twice the amount of detergent for only a could more dollars. Target also offers other sizes, including an 85 load laundry detergent refill for $17.99.

Method laundry

For more brands, check out Logical Harmony’s recently created cleaning products guide. I have found Method to be one of the most accessible brands that is vegan. Though I advocate cruelty free products, I personally always buy products that are both cruelty free and vegan. No animal products for me, thank you!

Let me know what your favorite vegan cleaning products are or if you have more price check questions. I hope to write more about vegan friendly household items. I want to have more of a balance regarding the topics important to college life.

It should be noted that I do not take travel costs into account. Gas prices are something to take into account as well. It should also be noted that these prices are only for the Santa Cruz area.

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