Student discounts

Hi everyone! I have been super busy. My quarter is wrapping up and I spent the past weekend in Yosemite. Today I am going to try to re-film the videos that did not end up as I hoped. In the meantime, I want to write a quick post about student discounts.

I realized a couple of weeks ago that a lot of businesses, mostly food, offer student discounts but may not advertise very well. I recently went to a Mexican restaurant and only realized they had student discounts after I looked at their takeout pamphlet. I feel that a lot of students overlook discounts but it can be immensely helpful to check! Having a Yelp account is also helpful, since a lot of businesses will give deals if you check in at their location.

I am finding that Santa Cruz is very supportive of students when it comes to discounts. I am sure there are even more college towns are just as supportive so be sure to ask about discounts, even if you are not able to find an advertisement for it at first. Saving a couple of dollars here and there adds up.


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