Month: March 2015

Method Laundry Detergent

One of the main things I am always concerned about is laundry. I have never had such a need for loose change like I do now. Most college students do not get the luxury of having their own washer and dryer. I am lucky enough to share a single washer and dryer within my four unit apartment complex.



It is ok to shop cheap

I want to begin by saying I realize that everyone has a different lifestyle and I respect that. Not everyone can afford to buy fresh ingredients everyday/every week or handmade local clothing. This is important to bring up because there are some people who are trying to live a vegan lifestyle, but are criticized when they buy food/products from companies that are low on the vegan friendly list. Some of these companies may offer vegan options but the money is still going to a corporation that does not have animal or human welfare on their mind.


Petit Vour beauty box video

I did it! I got through my first video with little to no mess-ups. I am actually very excited to keep making videos and get less nervous as the time comes. I apologize in advance to the companies if/when I mispronounced their brand names or products. I said “L.A. Fresh” instead “La Fresh” because my poor eyesight made me believe that there were dots between the “L” and “A.” I also butchered RawSkinCeuticals. I tend to stammer a lot when I am nervous. There are a couple other things I want to mention besides my mistakes in pronouncing names.