Avocado & toast

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a positive Monday. I do not have classes and I just found out I passed my stats midterm! I am glad that the work I am putting in is paying off, since it is my last general ed class. Anyways, onto avocado toast.

One of my favorite meal items that I have at any time of the day is avocado toast. It seems so basic but you can do so much to vamp it up if you so desire. I have been using bagels instead of toast recently but you get the idea. I tend to always put hot sauce on my avocado toast and/or nutritional yeast. I currently have a garlic hot sauce that is so good!

avocado bagel

I have been on a toasted sesame seed kick too. Along with hot sauce and/or nutritional yeast (sadly do not have any at the moment), salt, pepper, and kelp flakes are a constant part of what I top off my avocados with. A little bit of olive oil is another topping if I feel that my toast or bagel is too dry. Other veggies like tomatoes are another great addition. Like I said, this dish is really versatile and almost any addition is a good one.

I am curious what version of avocado toast is your favorite! I would love to see some comments on the topic.


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