Getting organized

It is already approaching mid February and I still have not been able to find an everyday planner to my liking. Not to mention a lot of the planners I do fall in love with (I am very particular about format) are either sold out or a little too expensive for a last minute purchase. It is somewhat ironic to have to plan to buy a planner. One planner I really liked is from An Organised Life, an Australian company that sells beautifully simplistic books for all sorts of organizing. But it launched in October. Planners are needed to be thought about before the last month of the new year…

I have sadly accepted that I should not splurge for a planner. Kate Spade also has beautiful planners with quotes to start off each new month but I just do not have $40 to spend right now. So I rooted around my room and found some small notebooks that I have collected over the years. As a student, I usually end up with more supplies than I need for one quarter or even for one year. It is always a good thing to recycle binders, notebooks, notecards, etc. if you can.

For the rest of 2015, I am going to modify the little notebooks I found and use them as planners. I do use my phone for reminders but I really need to write some things down. My current method of “organization” is embarrassing and hectic. Come October, I will certainly be aware of looking into 2016 planners. For now, I will settle with what I have. I may not have the cutest looking organizers compared to what I have linked (though one notebook has a little bat on it) but they will suffice.

I checked out Etsy as well and found that a lot of sellers* will sell templates for an inexpensive price. Though I am sure some of you could recreate the templates yourself, it is a great way to support small businesses and avoid spending over budget. All you would need to buy is a binder to put the templates in or add to a binder that you might already have for a class. Etsy is also a great place to go if you do not wish to support larger companies.

*Side note: The link is for search results, sorting by “lowest price” will bring templates to beginning of search results.

If you cannot splurge, try to recreate something from items you currently have. A little organization is better than none! I would love to hear about your organization techniques, what has worked vs. what has not worked. Wishing you all a lovely February.


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