Dr. Bronner’s

One of the biggest challenges I face is finding affordable vegan home care products. I tend to buy my cleaning products from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s but I know Target has cruelty free and vegan products too! I need to make a trip over there and do price checks. Checking out nearby drugstores is helpful as well! I have found brands like Method when shopping late at night after running out of soap…

This post is focusing on Dr. Bronner’s. I currently use their unscented baby-mild castile liquid soap as a face wash but have also used their other castile soaps for pretty much everything else. Their liquid soaps have “18-1” uses and are really concentrated; a little goes a long way. The initial price is arguably expensive but since the liquid soaps are so concentrated, you will have a bottle for a long time. I mix up face wash products so I only use the baby-mild soap (2-4 drops) once or twice a week. I have had it since July and it just got to the halfway point in a 2 oz. bottle.

Dr. Bronner's

I highly recommend planning in advance when buying items such as Dr. Bronner’s. It is really easy to let things run out and then have to rush to the store to buy something. Buying an item that will give you product for months will definitely be a money saver, even if it looks expensive at first. The little things can add up fast. My 2 oz. bottle sells for $3.19 on Dr. Bronner’s home site. Their 16 oz. bottles (the ones I use for cleaning the apartment or dishes) range from $9-12. It depends on what scent you buy and what store you are at.

It would be great to hear about any other cleaning products that you all use. Hope this was a helpful post!


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