February check in

Hi everyone! I recorded two videos yesterday to put up this week but long story short, I am not sure when I will be posting them… that being said, I still want to make a post since it has been awhile. Stats is really kicking my butt, on top of the reading I have to do for my other two classes.

One thing I have been thinking over a lot is affordable snacks and breakfasts. One of my favorite inexpensive snack is baked sweet potato. Throw one in the oven at 400º and let it bake for 30-40. Putting some olive oil or vegan butter on it and sprinkling salt, pepper, and/or nutritional yeast is all you need. Fruits and vegetables are always a cheap snack too. I find that they fill you up for longer compared to chips or other processed foods.

For breakfast, I have been eating a lot of bagels recently. Avocado and, if willing to splurge, vegan shmere are great toppings. I get my bagels from The Bagelry in downtown Santa Cruz because they sell day olds at a really affordable price. I think it is around $3 for 6 bagels but I will double-check. If you cannot eat them fast enough before mold growth, throw them in the freezer! Since I mostly cook for myself, a lot of my bagels and breads end up in the freezer to prevent food waste. Oatmeal or morning oats are also good inexpensive options for breakfast. For toppings, bananas and cinnamon are simple yet tasty.

I apologize for not having those videos! I will do my best to figure out how to post them. I am currently lacking correct editing software. It would great to see some comments about your favorite snacks and breakfast items!

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