Month: February 2015

Avocado & toast

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a positive Monday. I do not have classes and I just found out I passed my stats midterm! I am glad that the work I am putting in is paying off, since it is my last general ed class. Anyways, onto avocado toast.



Getting organized

It is already approaching mid February and I still have not been able to find an everyday planner to my liking. Not to mention a lot of the planners I do fall in love with (I am very particular about format) are either sold out or a little too expensive for a last minute purchase. It is somewhat ironic to have to plan to buy a planner. One planner I really liked is from An Organised Life, an Australian company that sells beautifully simplistic books for all sorts of organizing. But it launched in October. Planners are needed to be thought about before the last month of the new year…


Dr. Bronner’s

One of the biggest challenges I face is finding affordable vegan home care products. I tend to buy my cleaning products from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s but I know Target has cruelty free and vegan products too! I need to make a trip over there and do price checks. Checking out nearby drugstores is helpful as well! I have found brands like Method when shopping late at night after running out of soap…


February check in

Hi everyone! I recorded two videos yesterday to put up this week but long story short, I am not sure when I will be posting them… that being said, I still want to make a post since it has been awhile. Stats is really kicking my butt, on top of the reading I have to do for my other two classes.