The beginning of a quarter

Hello! I just recently started my second quarter of the year and I have hit the ground running. All my classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, making them 8 hour days. I only have 15 minutes in between each class to get to the next one so that makes it an extra long day. I am taking two upper division courses and one lower division course but it is stats… which is really hard! The past two weeks have been full of homework and adjusting to the amount of reading.

I thought I would go a different direction in this post today and talk about my life as a student. I have been posting a lot about food (but I mean, I am in college… college kids revolve around food) and wanted to explore more how I afford books and other class materials.

For books, AMAZON STUDENT! That will save you a lot of time and money. Students get 50% off prime memberships, which means 2 day shipping for a lot of items. I was able to have an account free of charge for 6 months but am not quite sure if that still goes on. I also just rented a stats book from Book Renter for a total of $21.16 instead of the price at my campus bookstore, which was close to $200. I am taking this class for a GE so there is no way I would want to dish out that much money. Renting books is a wonderful thing. If you can, try to buy a couple of books from a local bookstore. I do my best to support a local economy while trying to save money but I understand that can be hard.

I reuse a lot of my notebooks and also get the cheapest notebook out there from local art supply stores. A lot of my classes do not allow electronic devices in the class, even for note taking, but I understand typing notes can sometimes save a couple of dollars. Talk to your professors. They are usually really understanding if you try to work something out with them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen I made some tofu scramble the other day saying I would post the recipe soon. I will be posting the recipe this weekend. I wanted to write about something non food related before I posted more food stuffs! Always remember that cooking at home saves money. I plan to write about food prep in the near future because it is such a great way to make a week of meals go smoothly when having a full school/work schedule.

I wish everyone the best and that you enjoy the start of your new quarter, semester, etc.


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