My favorite noodle spot

Hi everyone! I ended up being a lot busier than I thought. This break has been too short (it is a week shorter than normal…) and I was cramming in as much personal time with family and friends as I possibly could. Here is a quick post about one of my favorite places in Santa Cruz to get an inexpensive meal from when I’m on the go or have friends in town.

Betty’s Noodle House has vegan options and fantastic noodle bowls. I have only tried a few menu items but I am never disappointed. I am a full-time noodle lover! I believe almost all the vegan friendly bowls are a little less than $8. Though I am sure these bowls could be recreated for a little less, I get excited when I find any good food under $10 in my area. I got the spring rolls and spicy ginger noodle soup the other day.

Betty's Noodles

Next time I am up in San Francisco/Bay Area I will make a post about some of my other favorite inexpensive places to visit. I wish you all a wonderful New Year’s!


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