Impulse Cosmetics Review

I am so excited to say that I think I finally found the perfect affordable lipstick. I stumbled upon Impulse Cosmetics by looking through the comments of an Instagram photo. Another review of the brand also popped up my Tumblr dashboard hours later so it definitely seemed like I had to check it out. I ordered the “Best Sellers no. 1” palette because I needed some good dark colors for the fall. All the shades are vegan and cruelty free but the entire site is not 100% vegan, so be sure to check out ingredients if you want more than just cruelty free.

Me with IC

I took this photo after a few hours of wearing the lipstick and after eating/drinking. I prepped and primed (tinted lip butter from Ellovi followed by OCC lip primer) before putting on the shade “Medusa” because my lips dry out easily. This lipstick formula is long lasting and did not leave my lips feeling chapped. The best part about the lipstick… The palette, which contains 5 different colors, costs $19.99! Individual lipsticks cost $6.99. The price is fantastic for the quality. I cannot wait to order more colors from Impulse Cosmetics and try out the other colors that came in my palette.


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