Lush’s Soak and Float Review

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I have combination skin. Not only does the skin on my face have varying levels of oiliness and dryness, my scalp is very sensitive. It gets incredibly itchy if I change my shampoo and I need to make sure I do not over wash it either. I have had this problem as long as I can remember and I even used to get made fun of in fourth grade because of my flakey scalp.

I used to use Head and Shoulders before I was vegan but even if you are not vegan, please please please do not support H&S because they are owned by Procter & Gamble. P&G is notorious for not being cruelty free though they have a statement in which they say they are in the process of completely stopping animal testing. Hundreds of other companies have already shown that being 100% cruelty free is possible and so is being 100% vegan. So, I personally do not support companies that are not yet 100% cruelty free. In this day and age, there is no excuse for any sort of animal testing.

As I was saying, I used to use H&S. It worked and was the only shampoo that I found to work but when I found out that the company was not cruelty free, I began the search for another shampoo to keep my head flake and itch free. Tea tree oil is too strong for my hair (it was the number one suggestion for cruelty free/vegan anti-flake solutions) and I must have tried three or four different tea tree oil shampoos. I also tried a couple anti-dandruff shampoos that also did not work. I finally found a shampoo that works and it is Lush’s solid shampoo called Soak and Float! It has an intense smell but honestly, this shampoo is a lifesaver. I am not even upset to fork out $10.95 because it works and one bar lasted me 3 months (I wash my hair every 2-3 days. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how long the bar lasts). I like their solid shampoos because they create suds quickly so it is easy to tell when you have enough cleaning action. It did take awhile for my scalp to get used to the new shampoo and then for it to get less itchy and flakey. Do not be discouraged if the shampoo takes a week or two to start showing results!

Getting a shampoo that actually worked trumped my desire to shop cost effective but sometimes it has to be done. Being cost effective in other aspects of my life allows me to buy the few luxury beauty products that I desperately need. I envy those who have less problematic skin! I want to try making a list of the least expensive cruelty free/vegan beauty products (even if I do not use them) that I find in the stores surrounding my areas so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Please feel free to comment if you have any other inexpensive cruelty free/vegan shampoos that you like or if you have any tips for problem scalps. Thanks for reading!

Note: I apologize for the lack of a photo. I feel like the solid shampoo bars start to look really unattractive after a few uses so it is probably best if you click on the link above to get an idea of what the solid shampoo bars look like when they are fresh.


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