L V X “Lolli” Review

I thought I would do some reviews of the products that I got in the Petit Vour September beauty box even though they are considered luxury items. However, I will say vegan friendly nail polish is something that you might want to splurge on. Quality goes down with cheaper nail polish but sometimes buying the less expensive item is necessary. It all depends on your college budget, how often you paint your nails, and how much use you want to get out of a home manicure.

I have e.l.f. nail polish that I use regularly but it chips within a day or two. I am super rough with my nails (nervous picking, chipping while cleaning, whacking my nails on everything…) and e.l.f. can’t handle it very well. Though I do not mind having chipped nails if I did them myself. Their essential nail polish comes in a variety of colors and is $2.00 for a 10 ml bottle. e.l.f. is my go to cosmetics brand for inexpensive items and through trial and error do I learn which items work best for me. For example, I cannot stand their essential liquid eyeliner but I love the mascara. As someone who does not care the state of my nails after a day, I do not mind buying e.l.f. nail polishes.

The L V X nail lacquer I received was “Lolli” which is a cute pastel pink. I don’t normally wear pastels or pinks but I wanted to give it a try. I am no pro at manicures so excuse the quality of my nails in the photo. I really like the formula of L V X. It went on smoothly and I didn’t need a ton of coats like I do with e.l.f. It has been about five days now and I got my first chip in the polish but again, I am super rough with my hands.

L V X Lolli

“Lolli” and other L V X polishes usually go for $16. Compared to $2 e.l.f. nail polishes, it is a big jump in price but the quality difference shows. I am curious to know if quality or price is a priority for the average college student when it comes to nail polish!



      1. 🙂 good to know. I’d be interested to hear how it lasts with a nice top coat. And if you like LVX you’d probably love NCLA if you haven’t already tried it. Although, definitely another high-end brand.

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