Petit Vour Beauty Box

As someone with combination skin that changes with the seasons, I’m always looking for new beauty products. The products I use in the morning are different than what I use at night and very different than what I use in the summer vs. the winter. I also need to “change it up” every so often or else my skin gets too dry or stays oily. Like I said, combination skin.

Petit Vour is a company that offers vegan luxury beauty products. They have a shop with a multitude of items as well as a monthly beauty box subscription. They have a few options for how many months you would like to pay for. I signed up for a new beauty box every month, which is $15 a month and free shipping for U.S residents. This is amazingly affordable. My September beauty box (which was the first one I have ever gotten) has a value, from personal calculations, of around $60. The September beauty box was also co-curated by Logical Harmony.

From the posts I saw on social media, each September beauty box had one item that varied. Subscribers either got nail polish or eyeshadow as the varying item. The nail polish I received was L V X in “Lolli“** which is a soft pastel pink. The other products were a leave in conditioner from Yarok Hair, tinted lip butter from Ellovi, and a weekly facial mask from Root Science. I have only tried out the nail polish and lip butter and cannot wait to try out the other two products. I will post follow up reviews of these products in the near future.

Petit Vour Beauty Box

**Quick side note. L V X will donate profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC. if you buy “Lolli” during the month of October.

The only downside to this box is the possibility of falling in love with one or a couple of products that are in the monthly box. The box itself is affordable but since they are luxury beauty products, it can be a win or loose situation for college students trying to live on a budget. I always allow myself a couple luxury products since I have such weird skin. There is also no shame in treating yourself if you can afford it! If any of you decide to sign up for the box, it would be awesome if you could put my name (Sophia Redfern) in the “How did you hear about Petit Vour?” so I can gain reference points. You can then ask the same of your friends if you spread the word. Petit Vour’s reward program is an extra bonus to having an account. Please also feel free to leave a comment if you do decide to sign up or have already signed up for the monthly beauty box.


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