Crispy Lentil Fritters

I have over a dozen cookbooks, including Eat Vegan on $4 a Day, but mainly get inspiration/recipes from The Internet. Pinterest and Tumblr specifically. These two sites have helped me find some amazing affordable and easy recipes to make.

While on Tumblr the other night, I found a recipe for lentil fritters thanks to Vegan Yums. Red split lentils, water, onion, and chives are the main ingredients. All of these ingredients are very affordable. A small bundle of chives from Whole Foods was $1.99 (though you only need a few stems) when I went shopping three days ago, a packet of red split lentils from Trader Joe’s is around $3 (I need to double-check because I have not checked the price in a few weeks. I always have lentils on hand since they are easy to make and an affordable source of protein.) and onions from Costco are cheap (Though I’m almost out, I have not yet had to go buy another sack of onions and it has been a couple of months already. I will update a price for a large sack of onions hopefully by my next recipe post) I use a lot of onions so buying them in bulk has been very beneficial for me both financially and in regards to keeping my kitchen stocked. I served the fritters with Wildwood zesty garlic aioli mixed with chili and cayenne since I was out of chipotle seasoning.

Please be sure check out the original post from Alimentageuse for the full recipe and instructions!


I advise growing/buying a herb garden if you cook a lot and have somewhat of a green thumb. Most herbs are easy and grow all year so you don’t have to worry about spending money every time you need some flavoring. I currently only have a basil plant but love being able to use a fresh ingredient. I would not categorize this recipe as healthy due to being deep-fried BUT it is affordable and makes a large amount of fritters. Great appetizer recipe for when you host a get-together. I hope you all try out this recipe and like it as much as I did!


  1. Hi there! I think your blog concept is awesome! Being vegan isn’t always accessible but it’s great that you’re helping people find ways to eat cruelty-free without the hefty price tag.

    Thank you kindly for linking back to my blog for the recipe, however, as an academic yourself, maybe you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say this:

    While ingredient lists themselves cannot be copyrighted/plagiarized, directions for them are. I noticed that you have copied and pasted my recipe onto your blog. Please rewrite the directions in your own words please, or remove the directions altogether and simply direct people to my post for the directions.

    Thanks in advance,


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