Initial Searches

I did some research before I created this blog. I wanted to see what happened when I searched “vegan college student” on Google. Over a million results popped up. The top search was from under their “college” section. It discusses a few things like steps on becoming vegan and cooking (something I feel is number one priority for students).

I decided not to look through all the sites from the first page of searches but I did also look at The Collegiate Vegan and Vegan Break. The Collegiate Vegan is a blog run by Madde, who shares vegan recipes that “are designed to be made in a hurry and on a dime.” Nothing is better than cheap and fast food during the school year! Vegan Break is run by Michelle, who shares recipes and has a tab specifically dedicated to being vegan in college.

I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t duplicating a blog already out there, though I am sure that my blog will draw similarities from many. That’s just how The Internet works nowadays. My initial idea for a domain name turned out to be taken, though they haven’t posted more than an initial post since May 2013.

There are tons of resources out in the world! It makes being vegan that much easier and I am truly grateful for that.


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